Adidas | Decathlon
Motion design, Art Direction, Editing
Motion design

Mutator - Adidas

Green Garden Digital agency produced a promotional video of Adidas's "Mutator" shoe for its dealers at Decathlon. This video promoted all the technical features of the shoe, from the sole to the inner boot. This video is displayed for Decathlon's in-store screens and on the Adidas France home page during the campaign.

Production: Green Garden Digital

Shots: Spireprod

Motion graphics & Editing: TerrySo

The boot has Demonskin, a layer of material designed to give footballers a more outstanding grip on the ball, allowing them to generate more spin. The texture is spiked and wraps around the front and side of the boot. In the campaign launch video, footballer Paul Pogba shows off the shoes & how the sharp layer enhances their skills.

In the creative brief delivered by Adidas, we had to do without 3D and try to integrate the shoe in the best possible way. Melvil Slaouté was in charge of shooting the pair on a green background. First, we thought together about the best shots, considering the practical aspect of managing the post-production. Then, we did the integration, colorimetry, and the addition of motion design.

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