Roland-Garros, Fédération Française de Tennis
Artworks, Graphic Design, Template graphics

Roland-Garros 2024

Our collaboration with the French Tennis Federation for the 2024 Roland-Garros tournament was a testament to our shared commitment. Together, we provided a series of artworks, spanning from the head2head template graphics to the champion and celebration artworks.

Our team successfully delivered an impressive number of more than 50 visuals for the 16 days of competition. This extensive range of artwork not only enhanced the visual identity of the tournament but also brought to life key materials such as the clay texture, the orange and green major color palette of Roland-Garros, and the hard work and effort of the athletes.

For some of these artworks, we were faced with the thrilling challenge of designing and delivering within a few hours. This exciting pressure allowed us to ideate and design with the appropriate elements, showcasing our dedication and agility.

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